How Play-Based, Active Learning Can Peacefully Co-Exist with Assessment

Many in the field of early childhood education are rightfully concerned about the loss of child-directed play-based, active learning in favor of more teacher-directed, didactic, passive instruction. We’ve invited our US-based guest blogger, Dr. McManis, a parent, educator, and psychologist to share her thoughts on how play-based learning can co-exist with assessment of children through a developmentally appropriate perspective.

Reflective Practice to Support Playful Inquiry

Children are naturally playful, and naturally curious. As educators, we want to nurture and encourage this capacity for playful inquiry, and even engage in playful inquiry ourselves.
But just wanting to have a program rich in exploration and deep investigation doesn't seem to do the trick! Sarah Felstiner from Hilltop Educator Institute reflects on some of the specific structures administrators and educators at Hilltop have put in place to support reflective teaching.