All About Educa Photos I: Text Wrap and Resize

All About Educa Photos I: Text Wrap and Resize

Pairing your learning stories with photos and videos and being able to share them in real time with parents is one of the stand out features of Educa.  But you can make your stories POP! by using a few simple design tips.  We've included two helpful videos on how to resize and text wrap your photos in Educa.

Design Tip 1

Studies have shown that images are linked to memory and recall, so the more visual your story, the more impact it will have for parents. Did you know that the brain actually sees words as a collection of tiny pictures?

Design Tip 2


Faces are unique. From the time we are babies we are drawn to faces. What family doesn’t love a photo of their smiling child? As Educa is a secure site you can make sure children’s faces are clearly visible – try cropping your photos to get a close up of a child’s face as well as the action photos and parents will be drawn into your learning story.

Design Tip 3

Use close-up drawing images. Especially if the story is about process art – include a close up shot of the artwork in progress. This means both parents and child can revisit the story to see how skills are developing chronologically – because you’re not just writing a story in isolation – you’re creating a history of learning over a year or more.

Design Tip 4

Resize and scale your image. Let’s face it – not every photo you take is going to be great – but if you pair them up to tell the story – double the impact. Then your story can focus more on the learning and less on the retelling of events – because the pictures recount the activity and your text elaborates on the learning happening.

Learn how to resize photos quickly in Educa

Design Tip 5

Wrap the text around your images. This means you don't have text just above and below pictures, but beside as well. Integrating text and image makes your learning story more likely to get comments from parents.

Wrap your story text around photos in Educa

Now - Test Out Your Design Skills!

A study on presentations showed that those with images were 43% more persuasive than ones without. Test it out. Ask a question and put an image beside that question to see how many parents respond. Let us know the result in the comments!

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