Educa Tip: Using Learning Story Questions

Educa Tip: Using Learning Story Questions

This tip explains how educators can add additional reflections when observing learning using the Story Questions. The great thing about this optional feature is that it is easily customised to suit your needs and the needs of your teachers!

When educators select a child and are in the Create Learning Story page they will see two optional fields below the main story body. They are the story template questions.

Note: These have to be enabled by the administrator in the Site Settings to appear.

These questions work as provocations or prompts for your educators and teachers to answer specific questions important to your early learning service. Once answered they can be viewed by anyone who reads the Learning Story.

Activating the Questions

If you are a Site Admin and would like to set up these questions on your site, follow these steps:

1. First open your "Site Settings” page, by hovering over Admin in the top right corner.  

2. Next click the tab to open the "General" section of your settings. 

Scroll down to the section labelled "Edit Story and Goal Settings".
Here you will find the template questions for your site - you can use up to two Learning Story questions and customise them both to suit your service.

3. To turn one off/on "check" or "tick" the box beside it

4. Use the text box below to customise the question or heading you're planning to use.

Once you're done the page will autosave so you can close it straight away.

Using the Learning Story Questions

For the person writing the learning story in Educa - they simply write in these text boxes to use them. If they are turned on they will appear at the bottom below the story.

Don't need to use them for this story?

No problem - just don't answer them and they won't appear in the published version

For this tip and more visit the Educa Knowledge Base

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