Managing policies in Educa

Managing policies in Educa

Policies play an important role in child care. They ensure that key legislative requirements are met, and that everyone has a shared understanding of agreed processes and procedures. They help keep things consistent, safe and appropriate!

Everyone involved in your service should have the opportunity to discuss policy and suggest change through regular review processes.

You can manage this entire process in Educa by uploading your Policies and sharing them with families and teachers so they can make comments. All of this information is sorted in Educa for you in one easy to manage location. 

Below we'll show you how to create a policy. 

To view and edit your Policies Page click the green "Centre" tab (also called the "Service" page, "School" page, or "Company" page) at the top of the page, then when you are on your Centre page click the "View Policies" button as shown below. 

Viewing and Using Your Policies

To access your policies page follow these steps:

  1. Open your Centre/Center/Service/Company tab (the one with the house icon)
  2. On that page, click the pink "View Policies" button. This will take you to the page shown below.

This is your main work area for your policies. Below we will explain the three main areas as marked on the photo above.

1. Policy List View

The Policy List View page works like an index page, and allows you to manage and view your policy list more easily.

You can also rearrange the ordering of the policies using the orange and blue arrows. This allows you to create an alphabetical list, or to order it by importance, or any other method you may want to use.

2. Create New Policy

This button will take you to a page where you can add a new policy to your list. Create your policy by typing into the message box, or uploading as a PDF (or both).

You can also publish a policy so that it's only visible to staff members (Teachers, Educators, and other Staff). The policy will appear on the same Policy List page but will be invisible for parents and family. To set this up, tick the checkbox labelled "Only Allow Teachers to View" before publishing.

The policy creation page uses the same text editor as the rest of the site - so if you've already created a learning story or a dashboard message, you'll already know what to do! When you're ready, hit the pink "save" button to publish the new policy.

3. Viewing and Managing a Policy

To view a policy in full, click the title of the policy from this page. When viewing a policy in full you can perform the following actions:

(1) Update Policy. This works differently to "editing". If you "update" your policy then Educa will remember the old policy information so you can...
(2) View the Policy History. This will take you to a page where you can view any previous versions of the policy.
(3) Send Notification. This will prompt a popup to appear where you can type in a message relating to the policy, which is then emailed to the parents and/or teachers depending on the boxes you tick. 

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