Powerful Reporting with Educa

Powerful Reporting with Educa

Welcome to the wonderful world of Educa Reports.

One of the joys of using Educa is the ability to have information and evidence at your fingertips instantly. You can track everything from parent involvement to curriculum usage. The Educa suite of reports gives teachers, head teachers, managers and network managers insights into the key objectives and activities of their early learning services.

Using Educa reports and data visualizations will quickly help you identify areas that need attention or improvement. Effective change can be made with the assistance of these reports. The charts and graphs provide evidence for preschools to aid you in planning, assessment and engaging families.

The reporting module in Educa gives you 10 powerful reporting tools. Here’s a 4 minute video on our range of reports:

Prefer to read through what each individual report does? Then read on:

  • Usage Overview

Displays the total number of users and stories vs. comments on Educa, and is updated weekly.

Learning Reports

  • Curriculum Usage Report

Summarizes the curriculum usage on your site based on the curriculum, education and learning philosophies used in your learning stories.

  • Child Story Report

A quick overview of learning stories over the most recent three months. The report also links to individualized curriculum graphs and gives a breakdown by day journal/learning stories. 

  • Parent Engagement Graph

Displays the overall parental engagement on your site - based on how frequently parents log in to view and comment on the stories.

  • Parent Visit Report

Displays how often each family member has visited your Educa site for the current month and over all time.

Story Reports

  • Recent Stories / Comments

View and preview the most recent stories and comments on your site. Note: You can also  filter by class/group

  • Story Search

Enables you to find learning stories quickly by using a range of criteria or keywords.

Educator Reports

  • Educator Story Report

Displays an individualized list of the number of learning stories created by each educator during the most recent three months.

  • Educator Weekly Report

Displays learning stories created on your Educa site over any specified period of time.

  • Stories to Print

Helps you keep track of which stories have already been printed. Simply check the boxes to mark stories as ‘printed’ or ‘ignored’ - instantly see which stories have/have not been printed.

Remember, if you ever need assistance with any of these Educa reporting tools then be sure to contact the Educa support team

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