Share the Weekend Fun with Educa

Share the Weekend Fun with Educa

Weekends are often full of family fun and learning. You know that using Educa during the week means children head home to parents who have already shared in their child’s day through "in the moment" pictures and learning stories. Educa means parents can do more than ask "how was your day?", they can talk to their children about what happened and extend on those interests at home.

But what about when children come back to preschool after a weekend. Your question “what did you do at the weekend?” can be answered with “nothing” or sometimes even “went to England to see Grandma” which can be confusing for you, the educator, knowing that would have been a very quick return trip! 

Sometimes, if you want families to share their many and varied weekend experiences, or even add comments about interests to children’s stories, it helps if you show them how.

As early childhood educators you know that “families are children’s first and most influential teachers” (EYLF Principles). By encouraging families to share learning and interests that are happening at home you will increase parent engagement and strengthen connections with children and families.

Carrying on the theme of “showing them how” - we’re going to show you how!

Use your Educa Dashboard

We’ve got a great idea for a Friday Dashboard post to get parents engaged and posting to their child’s portfolio.

Use your dashboard to send a post or post as a group story* like the one below.


This post works for two reasons:  

A. You’re sharing about your life which is always a source of curiosity for little people (after all, children think you live inside the four walls of the centre)

B. You’re not only inviting families to share - by showing them how - you’re making it easier for them

1. Go to your Child’s Profile

2. Click “Create Parent Story”

3. Add info and pics

4. Publish

(note: for screenshots use Windows snipping tool or an alternative method or on a Mac)

Try it this Friday  - and have a great weekend!

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